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JOP (Journal of Palaeogeography) is a newly launched international journal of geoscience.
JOP (Journal of Palaeogeography) aims to provide a forum for the publication of high quality research papers.
We sincerely invite specialists from all over the world to write or recommend high quality academic manuscripts for the journal. Hope for your join and contribution.
  Current Issue
  2024, 13(2)   Published: 20 April 2024
Untangling the biotic stress in the late Maastrichtian Deccan-benchmark interval of Bidart (France)
  Subham Patra, Gerta Keller, Eric Font, Thierry Adatte, Jahnavi Punekar
New material of Coniopteris simplex from the Middle Jurassic of the Ordos Basin, Inner Mongolia, China and implications on its spatio-temporal distribution and paleogeography
  Yun-Feng Li, Chang-Lu Zhang, Fei Liang, Xiao Tan, Fan-Hao Gong, Chun-Lin Sun, Tao Li, Yu-Ling Na
Global paleobiogeography of Albian-Cenomanian (mid-Cretaceous) marine ostracods
  Bernardo Vázquez-García, Jorge Villegas-Martin, Gerson Fauth, Leonardo Borghi, Aristóteles De Moraes Rios Netto
Copernicrinus zamori gen. et sp. nov., the oldest thiolliericrinid crinoid (Crinoidea, Echinodermata) from the Bajocian strata of northwestern Algeria, Africa
  Bartosz J. Płachno, Madani Benyoucef, Fayçal Mekki, Mohammed Adaci, Imad Bouchemla, Sreepat Jain, Marcin Krajewski, Mariusz A. Salamon
Journal of Palaeogeography
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